metal buildings amarillo tx

Need More Space in Amarillo, TX?

See how you can use metal buildings on your land

Metal buildings are a safe and affordable form of housing. They're structurally sound and can be built quickly. They're also surprisingly attractive. You may have driven past dozens of residential metal buildings in Amarillo, TX without realizing it.

Today's metal buildings can have multiple bedrooms and bathrooms. FRED BERRY CONSTRUCTION, LLC can build you a completely customizable residence, barn or office from one of our metal building plans.

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3 ways barn construction can transform your property

Would you like to look out over your property and see a graceful barn? Modern barns have many possible uses. You can use your new barn as a:

  1. Guest house: Put your guests up in a detached, barn-style suite.
  2. Stylish studio: Use your barn as a home office or hobby room.
  3. Stable: Of course, you can always use your barn for its original purpose-to house livestock!

Fred Berry Construction offers barn construction services throughout the Amarillo, TX area. Visit our Gallery to see our finished barns.