Want to Give Your Amarillo, TX Home a New Look?

Hire a general contractor to transform your home

Does your list of home improvement projects just keep growing? Are you wondering if you’ll ever find the time to DIY? Give yourself a professionally remodeled home without sacrificing weeks of free time to do it.

Call FRED BERRY CONSTRUCTION, LLC to speak to a general contractor about your home renovation ideas. We can handle any home improvement project in the Amarillo, TX area. A general contractor can make your home remodeling dreams come true, like updating your kitchen. What are you waiting for?

We provide complete custom home remodeling and additions

FRED BERRY CONSTRUCTION, LLC can add a new bedroom, garage or any other room to your home. Because we handle all framing, painting, electrical wiring and plumbing, there’s no limit to how extreme your home remodeling project can be. We can even install a new fence, driveway or roof to complete your home’s exterior.

Call our Amarillo, TX location now to start your home remodeling project.

Change your interior with our home remodeling services

Tired of looking at the same old walls? Call FRED BERRY CONSTRUCTION, LLC to give your home’s interior a touch-up. We can change your:

  • Flooring: We can install new tile or any other type of flooring you’d like.
  • Ceilings: We can do everything from adding recessed lighting to applying a fresh coat of paint.
  • Walls: We can add a new wall or take an old one out.

Make a few simple changes or create a brand-new house. We provide home remodeling services to clients in Amarillo, TX and the surrounding area.